SG Contract, with head offices in Lugano, Switzerland, is focused on providing a professional high standard of customer service to airports all around the Middle East.

ICAO and FAA Compliance

With the commitment to provide the best customer service, we offer the following services:

  • Airfield Lighting Installations
  • Airfield Lighting Photometric Testing
  • Coring and Saw Cutting
  • Electromechanical Installations
  • Specialized AGL Technical and Supervision Staff
  • Runway Rubber Removal
  • Road Marking Removal
  • Airport Marking
  • Consultancy and Design

In partnership with premium brands and leading manufacturers, we supply high quality equipment:

  • Airfield Ground Lighting Materials
  • Photometric Testing Equipment
  • Coring and Saw Cutting
  • Machines Airport Runway Sweepers
  • Airport Fence and Security Equipment


Coring in Concrete and Asphalt up to Ø600 mm

Slot Cutting for Installation of Secondary Cable

Mixing of Grout Materials for Shallow Base Installation and Cable Sealant along Cable Routes

AGL Installation Levelling and Alignment Works


Mobile System installed on the front of a standard vehicle. Measurements are made as the vehicle travels over the lights at a speed up to 60 km/hr. Used for both inset and elevated light installations.

Can be used on any light source giving an illumination of more than 10 lux.

Test report provides the candela value of each light, and identifies any defect requiring action to be taken (Measures the average intensity of the main beam in candelas, its maximum intensity as well as the colour and elevation settings of the lights). Can be used to monitor light ageing by comparing the test results with previous runs.

Alignment Control best ensured by using video monitor fed by a camera fitted to the system.

Since October 2003, airports have to submit ICAO compliancy reports at regular intervals.


A comprehensive range of services; including installation of airfield lighting, information signage, design and build of airfield lighting control systems, can be provided by SG Contract.

SG Contract provides specialist airfield lighting expertise forged with long term experience with qualified professionals on hand to resolve any installation, maintenance and design issues any airport may have.

Upon completion of installation works, we provide a complete service by offering a comprehensive maintenance package.

This can include measurement of photometric performance of installed airfield lighting and the provision of routine maintenance and repairs.

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